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Indoor Planting:

  • Sprinkle seeds thinly on the surface of trays of moist compost and cover lightly, be careful not to over-water.
  • Store in a warm place at an approx. temperature of 20-25°c (70-75°f).
  • It is a good idea to cover with a clear plastic bag until the seeds germinate.
  • Once the seedlings appear, remove the plastic.

Growing On:

  • When the seedlings are strong enough to handle they can be transplanted into bigger pots or trays.
  • Do not overcrowd the plants and keep in a warm, light position.
  • Once all chance of frost has passed the plants can be transplanted direct into your desired location.
  • Harden off first.
  • Alternatively, for all year round supply, sow indoors in pots.

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