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Elf Teddy Bear Pyjamas
Elf Chef Outfit with Jacket and Hat
Elf Deluxe Banana Onesie
Baby Elf
Crillys Baby Elf
Sale price£1.49
1 x Sequin Suit for Cheeky Elf
Eflie's Pooey Friend
Elf Rainbow Fur Coat Outfit
Elf Life Jacket
Vinly Faced Naughty Elf
Twin Pack Naughty Elves
Elf Eve Box
PMS Elf Eve Box
Sale price£1.99
Naughty Elf - Black Clothes
Elf Long Fluffy Fur Jacket
Elf Sticker
Crillys Elf Sticker
Sale price£1.49
Elf Stationary
Girl Elf
Crillys Girl Elf
Sale price£2.99
Elf Scratch Off Behaviour Calendar
1 x Elves Behavin' Badly Window Sign
1 x Naughty Elf Knitted Jumper
Pack of 3 Novelty PVC Elf Banners
Elf Snap Card Game
Elf Sleeping Bag
1 x Cheeky Elf Dressing Gown
Light up Elf House

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