Salad Collection

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Salad Collection
Lettuce All Year Round / Radish French Breakfast / Spring Onion White Lisbon
(Lactuca sativa / Raphanus sativus / Allium cepa)
Grow your own fresh vegetables for your salad bowl.

• Prepare the soil in your chosen planting location and remove any weeds.
• Make a shallow drill in the soil and simply roll out the tape in the groove.
• Cover with soil and water lightly, ensure the soil is kept moist.
• Sit back and wait for your plants to grow – Couldn’t be easier!
• Thin lettuce seedlings to 12" (30cm) apart and radish if necessary.

No thinning is required for the onions.
5 Mtrs of seed tape
(Each variety 1.67 Mtrs of tape)
Very easy to use – pre-spaced seeds (less thinning).
Tape can be cut to suit row length.
Row width: Lettuce – 12" / 30cm
Onion – 6" / 15cm
Radish – 9" / 25cm
For a spring harvest of Lettuce, the autumn sowings should be grown in a greenhouse or under cloches.
Onions can be planted August – September for overwintering in a protected site.

Sow Date (Outdoors)
Lettuce: March – August
Radish: February – September
Onion: March – May / August – September

Lettuce: April – October
Radish: 4 weeks after sowing
Onion: March – July

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