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Indoor Planting:
Sow the seeds 1.5mm deep in trays of moist compost, be careful not to over water. Store in a warm place not in direct sunlight and ensure the compost is kept moist. It is a good idea to cover with a plastic bag until the seeds germinate. Once the seedlings appear, remove the plastic. It is also useful to label the trays for future reference.

Growing On:
When the seedlings are strong enough to handle they can be transplanted into bigger pots or trays. Be careful when easing the roots out, as they can be easily be damaged. Do not overcrowded the plants. Keep the pots warm, light position and turn regularly. Once all chance of frost has passed the plants can be transplanted outside into growing beds outside.

Outdoor Planting:
Strawberry: Jan – March
Kiwi Fruit: Feb – July
Sow seeds 1.5cm deep into direct growing beds, keep the soil moist.
For strawberries keep 12” (30cm) between rows or plant direct into a container. Transplant the melons 1ft apart to encourage growth, be careful not over water the melons as this can lead to watery, tasteless flesh. Plant kiwi in an area of full sun or partially shaded keeping 6ft between plants.

Alpine Strawberry
(Fragaria verscans)
Low growing compact plants producing an abundance of small strawberries with a sweet delicate flavour. These plants re-seed easily and do not throw out runners like other species. The fruits can be frozen. Harvest the berries as soon as they ripen.
(Harvest: July onwards)

Honeydew Melon
(Cucumis melo)

A popular variety producing large round melons with a juicy sweet flesh. Plant in a full sun/ Sheltered position and feed regularly.
(Harvest: When the skin has turned a creamy yellow. These melons usually slip there stems when ripe.)

Cantalope Melon
(cucumis melo)
A medium sized melon with a grey-green skin and very juicy, swet orange flesh.
(Harvest: When the skin has turned an orange/golden colour. The melon should be very fragrant and soft at the bottom when it is ripe.)

Kiwi Fruit
(Actinidia chiensis)
An attractive climbing plant with fragrant creamy white flowers from June to August. This plant produces an abundance of large, tasty fruits. Easy to grow.
(Harvest: September to October)

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