Diamond Solar Light

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  • Lovely Diamond Design Stainless Steel Solar Light
  • These fantastic lights have a dusk till dawn sensor, automatically turning on in low level light
  • To allow the solar panel to charge the battery, remove the top of the solar light and pull the tab out
  • Rechargeable battery included in the solar light
  • Approximate height from the top of the solar panel to the base of the stake is 36cm
  • Approximate height from the top of the solar panel to the start of the stake is 26cm 
  • To use:

Carefully select a suitable light position, ideally in direct sunlight

Push the stick into the soil and position the solar panel to directly face the sunlight

Twist the top off the solar light and slide the on/off switch to on

To test the light operation, cover the sensor solar panel window, the light should operate

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