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Indoor Planting

  • Sow March - April
  • Sow seeds 5mm deep in  pots or trays of moist compost
  • Store in a warm place at an approximate temperature of 24C (75F)
  • Once germination starts the temperature can be reduced to 18-21C (65-70F)
  • Do not exclude light as this helps the seeds to germinate
  • Only water when dry
  • Once all chance of frost has passed, the plants can be transplanted into growing beds or patio tubs outside
  • Harden off first
  • It would also be useful to cover with cloches for extra protection
  • This variety can take a while to germinate, be patient
  • Chillies do best in very mild conditions, therefore, it would be better to keep them in a greenhouse or indoors
  • Caution: Use gloves when handling the fruits
  • Pick fruits to encourage more to grow
  • Feed regularly with a tomato liquid fertiliser
  • Sow Outdoors: May - June
  • Row Width: 24"/60cm
  • Harvest: When required

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